Thursday, May 10, 2012

[SHINEE] MBC Every1 Weekly Idol (EngSub)~

Thursday, May 10, 2012
SHINee!! Uwah! I've missed these guys!!

Wow. It's so nice to see them in a variety show again. It's been a while~ Huhu. I've been too obsessed with B1A4 lately so I haven't been able to check these bling bling guys out ever since the release of their Sherlock album. Mianhe. AND I CALL MYSELF A SHAWOL?! WTF! HAHA! I'm overreacting again. LOL! But seriously, I wasn't able to check out their live performances, even more download it. Gaaah.

Yes, I know. The news about their guesting in Weekly Idol was released so long ago. I know that but I didn't really pay attention to it. Saw it on twitter last night, but I didn't click it to watch. Good thing, I checked out AKP and saw the article "SHINee's dance fits perfectly with Lee Hyori's U Go Girl" then read it. And included in that article was a cropped video of the whole episode. When I watched it, OMG, HAHA, hilarious. The result was, I went ahead and watched the whole episode. LOL!

Watch SHINee on Weekly Idol (engsub) below~

Proving their "magic dance"~ LOL!

While watching, I was like "Aww, I really missed these guys." It's so nice to be able to see them again just being themselves, making people laugh and showcasing the real them, the real SHINee that people started to love 5 years ago. OMG! Now that I mentioned it, their 5th anniversary is near!! May 25!! I wasn't one of their avid fan since their debut. I started liking them during their "Ring Ding Dong" promotions. Actually that was even after their visit here in the Philippines which was way back in November of 2009! HAHA.

I can still remember how me and my 2 other K-Pop friends mocked their fashion style. HAHA! I hate to admit it but we didn't really like them the first time we saw them. Various reasons. Maybe because they wore too much skinnies and their stage costumes were just too...different? They were too thin? And the RDD MV too is kinda...I don't just didn't fit our taste. Hahaha! Kei-pL (her pen name) and I were both into 2PM and Big Bang that time while Pandora (a pen name too) was into Big Bang only ever since up until now. In the end, I became a SHINee fan (unexpectedly) while Pandora only likes Taemin (baby girl). HAHA! Kei, on the other hand, still dislikes them. She became a J-Pop girl. LOL! Anyway, no problem at all.

Key attacking Minho with aegyo~

So yeah, I'm glad to see these guys enjoying themselves. Leader Onew is my favourite among them, of course! Hihi. So adorable Ondubu! I dislike tofu but I like Onew. Hahaha! To all the Onew fans out there, witness our leader redeem his reputation by showing another individual talent! AHAHA! Adam's apple elevator! :)) Minho was pitiful here because he was discriminated by MC Doni. Poor Minho, hang in there! Jonghyun was unexpectedly hilarious here! Bursting out when angered. He was really funny! I didn't know he has this side. LOL! Key, on the other hand is still chic as ever. But get surprised with his aegyo attacks! Let's not leave our maknae Taemin. Adorable as always~ Bbuing bbuing~

[ENGSUB] SHINee on MBC Every1 Weekly Idol




FULL but w/o Subs

Translated and subbed by Patata

**I heard there's a second part that was aired yesterday. Heehee~ Shall wait for the subs!**
No matter how disturbing and weird your photo concepts are, I still love you guys!!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Am I tooo weird I only liked BIGBANG until now? VIP until whenever~~
    What is your problem with my bb taeminie? lololol

  2. None. :)) I even stated it. "No problem at all." :P Wah, you've been using this "what's you're problem" phrase quite often. Kinda like trying to pick a fight? Tsk tsk. Chingu ya! HAHAHA!

  3. Yes its my defense mechanism phrase. Noona is over-protective with baby girl lmaaao 

  4. i didn't like SHINee at first, too. one of the reasons was 'cuz TaeMin's pic always ended up in my phone, even after i delete it. someone kept sending it back in. it really annoyed me. >_____>

    but i loved their song Replay, esp. the Japanese version. i like all their songs with MVs, except Lucifer. srsly, the title scares me.

    i was a BigBang fan, toopandoriax08
    they were my top Kpop group... until B1A4 came along. BWAHAHA. XDDD

    anyway, THANK YOU for this. i have something to add to my variety show folder now. bwahaha. :))

  5. Hello! OMG! Still haven't checked their other jap mvs aside from Replay. Are there others?

    HAHAHA! I wanna share a funny story of us and Pandora. Ah btw, she's the friend I was talking about last time, the one who sells K-pop albums and my companion in spazzing when we went to Korea. :)) 

    I remember, we were doing a project in one of our arki subjects in the house of our groupmate (it was by threes) w/c was also our friend but not a K-pop fan. We were playing random Kpop MVs on shuffle while working. You know, just to ease stress and boredom. Whenever Lucifer starts playing, we'll start dancing crazily, trying hard to imitate the choreo. We'll just end up LOLing together. HAHA! Our chingu will just stare at us, laugh and tweet about our craziness. :)) HAHA! Good ol' days~~

    Huhu, I'm gonna miss those times. :(

  6. yeah, there's only one more, i think. Juliette. i think there's also one for Lucifer, but  i'm not sure. they have Japanese mp3s for Hello, Love Like Oxygen, Better, Always Love, Kiss Kiss Kiss and Amigo, too. :D

    oh. i see. nice to come across her here? XD

    haha! nice~ ana.chan (one of my best friends) did that, too, but for Arashi only. i was strictly no-Kpop-other-than-BigBang then. :)) and i get that "to ease stress and boredom" part, too. studying would kill me if not for music, too. i'm not effective without earphones plugged into ears and with the music a volume that blocks out all other sound. XDDD

    yeeeaaah, same here. we used to dance to Arashi's Kitto Daijoubu every time it came on. :)

  7. Haha! Actually there was a time wherein I was able to like Taemin. It was when I saw him with a much shorter hair style. He looked clean, and I thought I'll start to like him as time passes by. After a while I saw Sherlock MV and HELL!! I said Gawd I'm off with this guy.. He's totally a she!! dammit! NOOOO!!! XD 

  8. HAHAHA! THE TEASER PHOTOS WERE TOTALLY SHOCKING! That long hairstyle is such a no no for him. Gaaah. 
    Good thing he doesn't sport it anymore! But their MV received a lot of praises in terms of musicality, choreography and even the MV setting was nicely done. XD

    I thought you don't like skinny guys. Why did you like him? XD

  9. Hello I'm back! Yes those were fun times, I still haven't converted that friend of ours into a fangirl. It's hard. She is resisting lmao

    And yeah until now since I've known Bigbang I only liked them. Well I am also a 2NE1 fan, but you know how fangirls dedicate more to their oppas, lololol I am kinda a hardcore GD-fan.

    Oh and it is nice meeting you~^^

  10. What is your problem with my baby girl?

  11. HAHAHA!! I don't know if she'll see your comment! ㅋㅋㅋ!

  12. I don't think she'll be converted. HAHA! But her niece has a high probability. :)))